Sound Studio in São Paulo and Berlin for Games, VR, AR, MR, 360 and Advertising Audio: podcasts, tracks, sound fx, creation and musical production, voice recording, 3D audio, exclusive tracks, jingles and parodies. In fact, if it makes noise we’re in.


To innovate you have to cross the line. It is vital to study, to explore, to advance.
Catalyze the concept into a new reality.
Billy Mello – elected as one of the 50 internet influencers of
2007 by Info magazine – lives in this fertile environment, where the mix of
creativity, technology, and daily research result in tracks, fx, IDs, #D Audio,
jingles and unique podcasts.


Serving the customer is more than fulfilling a briefing. It is to translate that
idea into an impeccable piece. That’s why we’ve opened the channel. The client
talks with creation. Participate. Debate. Everything in order to conquer the
same objective: that your message is heard.

And always remembered.


The creative director, the music producer Billy Mello, or Maestro Billy, is fundamentally a
power plant of ideas. From there come works of the most diverse spectra: remixes for top artists such as Lulu Santos, Ana Carolina, Ed Motta,
Morcheeba and Enya; IDs for radios like Jovem Pan, Transamérica, OI FM,
among others. Billy was also the DJ of TV Globo’s Caldeirão do Huck show, which broadcasts until today.


Thanks to our method of work, we can meet the deadlines set
in an organized way, with focus and respect to deadlines and schedules
settled down.


The future is like a watermelon, when we think that we have already found all
seeds, several others appear …